How To Lose Weight By Exercise?

There is a growing consensus that to lose weight though exercise you need to combine cardiovascular exercise, strength training and a healthy diet. While the cardio will get your heart rate up and burn calories, strength training brings great weight loss benefits, too. Strength training adds muscle mass to your body, and increased muscle mass means a dramatically increased metabolism. Adding even a few pounds of muscle will increase the number of calories your body burns each and every day. You can consume more calories without gaining weight. Now that’s incentive!

The new Herbalife24 Fit Home Workout Exercises alternating between two types of  workouts:

  • Strength Training Workouts will focus on your physical structure, your muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue.
  • Metabolic Workouts will improve your metabolism (how your body burns calories). These  workouts are on disc 4 of each phase.

Herbalife24FIT trains your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for more efficient energy usage. It makes you a “better butter burner.

Herbalife24 FIT is a 24-week program, divided into three phases, each lasting eight weeks.

Low Carb Breakfast

Herbalife’s core nutrition products can help form a solid foundation for a balanced breakfast from which to build upon.

Take Your Breakfast Shake – Don’t Skip

The Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake mix is the basis of the program. Be sure to mix 2 scoops in soy milk, juice or non-fat milk. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Herbalife Formula 3 Personalized Protein powder. You may also add some  fruit. Be sure to blend well and enjoy!


Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex is a nutritional supplement that contains over 20 vitamins and minerals to contribute to good nutrition and overall health. It helps you achieve 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, when used in conjunction with Formula 1 shake.

Herbalife Fibre and Herb tablets are a rich source of soluble fibre which helps optimise your digestive
health and support the body’s natural elimination of waste and toxins.

So whether you’re keen to:

  • Control your weight
  • Need to fuel a busy active lifestyle
  • Maximise energy in your senior years
  • Or perform at your best in regular sports and exercise

Herbalife nutritional products can help build a plan that helps you achieve a healthy active life.

Low Carb Breakfast Option

Low Carb Soup

A perfect choice as a healthy snack  soup is a high volume, low energy food, it provides the feeling of satiety and fullness, without the extra calories often found in larger meals or less healthy, convenient snacks.

This Low Carb Gourmet Tomato Soup from Herbalife, is a hot, savoury and nutritious healthy snack that’s easy to make. It combines the latest in nutritional science with prebiotic inulin fibre and naturally occuring tomato lycopene. Popular flavours basil and oregano offer you a taste of the Mediterranean.


  • Scientifically advanced; contains prebiotic fibre inulin to support digestive health, and naturally occurring antioxidant lycopene from tomatoes
  • Eight times the protein of regular tomato soup*
  • High in protein and fibre to help you feel fuller for longer and provide satiety
  • Only 104 calories to help you manage your caloric intake
  • Ideal as part of your 5 small meal plan
  • Suitable for vegetarians


This Low Carb Soup is an ideal savoury snack for any weight management or healthy nutrition programme. It is a high volume, low energy food that provides the feeling of satiety and fullness without the extra calories, often found in larger meals or less healthy, convenient calories, often found in larger meals or less healthy, convenient snacks.

Additional Information On This Diet Soup

* The Composition of Foods; Food Standards Agency and the Institute of Food Research in the UK, 2006.

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Low Carb Low Calorie Protein Diet

Traditionally we were taught that carbs should provide our body with its primary supply of energy. However, many people have confused fast releasing carbohydrates (pasta, cakes) and slow releasing carbs (whole grains, vegetables) eating too many of the former-the tempting, convenient, tasty variety! Most of us lead sedentary lives, so any excess energy from carbohydrate-rich food) is stored as fat.

If you tried to get all the protein you need from foods such as meats, you would consume too many calories, because these protein rich foods come with extra fat calories.

And most of these are in the form of animal proteins, which add greatly to the bad cholesterol in our bodies. Therefore we need to look for high quality proteins, in our diet, from non-animal sources, with low calories.

“I know protein is essential for good nutrition and helps satiety. I eat lean meat, but can you recommend some other foods that are a good source of protein to help add variety to my diet?”

Lean meats such as fish, chicken, turkey and lean red meats are all good sources of animal protein but it is good to include protein from vegetarian sources for variety, plus they are often lower in saturated fats.

Good sources of non-meat proteins are:

  • Eggs – try to limit to no more than one a day.
  • Pulses, nuts and seeds – almonds and walnuts are a great between meal snack.
  • Soya products such as tofu and soya beans.
  • Grains and dairy products – provide a small amount of protein.

Low carb low calorie high protein diet

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